Farm Insurance

Safeguard your lifestyle and livelihood with farm insurance.

Grow your business while protecting your livelihood.

When your farm is both your home and your business, insurance can seem like a complicated topic. In fact, it’s an opportunity to get a single policy that meets all your needs. The key is being certain what you want from a farm insurance policy.

What coverage options should farmers consider?

Many aspects of your farm need coverage no matter what type of farming operations you run. While the specifics may vary, the starting point is protecting your property and contents against damage, such as:

  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Natural Disasters
  • Theft

A variety of options depending on your situation.

Some farm insurance policies may cover just about everything, while others will specifically protect either your personal dwelling and possessions or the equipment and buildings used in your agricultural business. In the latter case, make sure you check the definitions and exclusions of your policy.

Coverage for your livestock and crops.

You may also want to consider insurance for livestock, harvested grains, and so on. Ask how the replacement costs are calculated; specifically, whether lost profits are part of the calculations, as this may vary from policy to policy. Coverage options may include crop, livestock mortality, as well as care, custody, and control coverage. In addition, you’ll also want to secure coverage for the equipment you rely on regularly for your farming options, so equipment breakdown, foreign object ingestion, and glass coverage are all important to consider.

The business side of farming.

As with any business, you’ll also need to look into workers’ compensation for employees, liability insurance for visitors to your premises, and specialty coverage for any vehicles you use for work rather than just for personal driving. And because of the nature of your business, you may also want to have an environmental insurance policy in place to help safeguard your farm from pollution–related issues.

Ready to take the next step in protecting your lifestyle and livelihood with farm insurance? Contact us to go over the needs of your farm, the type of farming you do, and the coverage options available.

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